Month: June 2021

Common Sense Approach to Risk Management

Risk management is one of the elements of project management that tends to get left out when time is crunched.  If you are skipping risk management, or only doing it at the beginning of your project, you are setting yourself…

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Stated Versus Lived Culture We Can Do Better

Culture, the personality of an organization. “What’s the culture like at the company?” This is not an uncommon question that candidates ask during the interview process. “We are like a family.” “It is open door.” “Work hard and play hard.”…

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Project Management Principles – Free Webinar

Whether you are setting up a new benefit plan, outsourcing to a new vendor or implementing a new technology for your company, you are introducing change in your organization. Having strong project management skills can be the differentiator between successful…

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The Customer Technology Forgot

Those calling an 800-service line frequently and repeatedly hear, “Your call is very important, please hold for the next available representative”.  Often calls are disconnected, not answered, or redirected with the caller’s questions unanswered and frustrations mounting. Balancing of advancements…

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