Month: September 2021

Using A Balanced Scorecard To Manage Performance

By: Susan Walsh, SHRM-SCP Balanced scorecards have been around since the early 1990s with several iterations over the years. A balanced scorecard is often used to manage the strategic objectives of the organization by measuring multiple performance points. This includes…

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Everyday Lean…Chasing Waste

By: Ronette Kersting Lean Six Sigma provides numerous resources and tools to enable everyone to Act Decisively, Actively Listen and Take the Customer’s View. These tools can be used to better understand the problem or understand the customers’ needs. Lean…

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Learning To See…Value Stream Mapping

By: Ronette Kersting WHAT IS VALUE STREAM MAPPING? A visual lean tool that helps analyze and optimize an entire process. It is a method for analyzing the current state and designing a future state for a series of events. It…

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What Tools Are In Your Toolbox?

By: Ronette Kersting Lean tools are utilized across many industries—from manufacturing to engineering to business resources. Whether you are building a physical product or creating a Lean culture, these tools help improve production and efficiency by getting the most out…

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