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Is the Answer in the Shiny Box

Growing up, one of my grandmother’s favorite shows was The Price is Right. Throughout the show, contestants are offered an opportunity to trade the prize they have in hand for the unknown prize behind door No. 1, 2 or 3,…

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The Lean Approach – 5 Principles of Lean

Organizations can utilize the Five Principles of Lean to drive a culture of continuous improvement resulting in improved processes and the elimination of waste.  Below is an overview of those five principles and how you can apply them in your work! IDENTIFY…

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Six Sigma Overview

What is Six Sigma? The textbook definition of Six Sigma refers to a step-by-step approach designed to reduce the number of errors in a process or product.  Anything that produces a result is considered a process. This can mean everything…

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Stakeholder Engagement in a Virtual World

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the way that we work; time will tell if working habits and norms ever go “back to normal”.  In the meantime, there have been a lot of lessons learned about how to best engage with…

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