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Is the Answer in the Shiny Box

Growing up, one of my grandmother’s favorite shows was The Price is Right. Throughout the show, contestants are offered an opportunity to trade the prize they have in hand for the unknown prize behind door No. 1, 2 or 3,…

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The Customer Technology Forgot

Those calling an 800-service line frequently and repeatedly hear, “Your call is very important, please hold for the next available representative”.  Often calls are disconnected, not answered, or redirected with the caller’s questions unanswered and frustrations mounting. Balancing of advancements…

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Want More Occupational Health and Safety Info?

Want more Occupational Health and Safety information? Click on the link below to access NIU’s National Safety Education Center or the Occupational Health and Safety blog link under Other Resources.        

What is Your Safety IQ?

Most of us make regular visits to the doctor for check-ups or to help improve our health.  In those visits, the doctor first takes our temperature, weight, blood pressure and checks our heart.  It is important the doctor test these…

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